Furniture and Cabinets - OUR SPECIALTY!

PAINTED TABLE offers professional furniture and cabinet painting services.  Even though we have a state-of-the-art spray system, hand painting many times is the best option for small pieces, intricate details and cabinet painting projects. During the winter season, PAINTED TABLE focuses on larger furniture projects ONLY (project with a value greater then $1000).


PAINTED TABLE can only make the finish look as good as the underlying piece that they start with. If the wood has dents, chips and scratches this may remain. We can sand away minor imperfections but other evidence of life’s wear and tear will remain. This is the charm of painted wooden furniture.


There is no limit to the color selection.  However, each wood type takes paint color differently.  PAINTED TABLE can provide assistance on the selection of color for your piece.  


We love doing custom work and can give you a quick quote on ANYTHING you want painted.

Fill out the form above and we will contact you within a couple days!